Coffee Shop

A meeting place in the heart of Skibb town

FIELD’S Coffee Shop is more than a place to buy good coffee,healthy snacks and delicious breads and cakes, it is a meeting place. But, even if you are just taking a break before starting in on the weekly shop, or just want ten minutes of ‘me time’, the newly-revamped coffee shop is the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by.

As far as locations go, there isn’t a better one in all of Skibbereen because the two huge windows that open on to the town’s main square offer a vantage point unlike any other. Comfortable seats in soothing chocolate and vanilla tones has a wonderful soporific effect, which means that for a few euro you can experience that same feeling you get when you are on holiday – relaxed, away from the phone, and feeling ever so slightly indulgent.

A lot of people swear by the café’s wholesome soups, like carrot and coriander; others are addicted to Field’s own custard slices and Danish pastries; but there are some who wouldn’t go past its delicious and nutritious sandwiches. The famous Field’s sliced pan is used in the making of all of the sandwiches, like tuna and salad on white, or the perfectly seasoned egg on wholemeal brown bread. Knowing that it has been freshly made that day is a major consideration because today all too many of our foodstuffs come pre-packaged and with an unfeasibly long shelf life.

Real flavour

The soups also have real flavour: the tasty soups, which are prepared fresh every day, come out piping hot from the kitchen and are served with your favourite kind of bread.  A lot of people find it comforting that Field’s still make their ham salad roll in exactly the same way. There is a perkiness to these sandwiches – a slight pick of salt offset by a light mayonnaise and salad dressing – that have made them firm favourites down through the years.

It has to be said that the staff working in the coffee shop are just as well thought of as the cheerful and friendly staff working in the supermarket. Nothing is too much trouble: they will just take your order and allow you to find a seat before bringing your freshly made sandwich, panini, or quiche directly to your table. And, no matter how busy it looks, the queue always moves swiftly and there is always a seat to be found somewhere in the spacious ground floor restaurant, or the elegant timber floored coffee shop extension on the first floor.

Bustling with life is a good way to describe Field’s Coffee Shop: At any time of the day it’s the perfect place to sit and read your daily newspaper, daydream while looking out the window, or use it as a jolly, central place to meet up with family and friends. So what if you have a trolley load of groceries; at Field’s you can leave them safely to one side. The helpful tellers will keep an eye on them for you. And when you are ready to leave, chances are that you’ll find no shortage of staff willing to help you bring groceries to your car.

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