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Baker Saves Big Day

02 April, 2013

Baker Saves Big Day

A QUICK-THINKING Cork baker put the icing on the cake for a Kildare couple after their friends managed to accidentally ruin it just hours before the wedding.
That was the horror scenario that faced Keith Gordon from Bray as he stared at the remains of his friends Owen Melia and Abigail Rooney’s wedding cake in the back seat of his car.

Keith, friends with Owen and Abigail for 15 years, was entrusted with taking the cake from Bray to Inish Beg in West Cork the day before the wedding.

“Myself and a friend were given the job of transporting the cake from Bray to West Cork,” said Keith. “We were told it was a small cake that would fit on the floor of the back seat but it turned out to be a two-tiered cream cake so I had a feeling it might turn out to be a tougher task.”

They made it to Cork city with the cake intact, but it was the final stretch to Inish Beg that proved to be their undoing.

“We picked up another friend in Cork city. We had the cake propped up on a baby seat but the next one and a half hours on the back roads to West Cork was where it went wrong. We were going around a long, winding corner when I heard a scream from the back.

“The cake had rolled over and essentially split in two.”

However, all was not lost. The friends put their heads together and tracked down Kevin Regan, manager of JJ Fields bakery in Skibbereen. The bakery was closed, but Kevin rose to the occasion nonetheless.

“We managed to hunt down Kevin and he rang us back and told us to meet him in Skibbereen. He took a look at it and said it would take about 45 to 50 minutes to patch up. He had a serious amount of work to do. He had to replicate the style of the top part as well as replacing and matching the colour of the cream.

“He really dug us out of a hole,” said Keith. “And he just wouldn’t take a cent off us. It was very decent of him.”

And what of the wedding? It went off without any other hitches and the cake story was the centrepiece of the groom’s speech.

All’s well that ends well.

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