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Modern Shop - Traditional Values

The Cullinane family started the grocery and bakery business in 1865, but the Ring. family took it over in 1890 and ran it until 1935, when Jack and Maureen Field bought it. On that date, they made a commitment to supply only the finest produce and baked goods, and to offer a peerless service to all their customers – a tradition that has been continued by the third generation of the family to the present day. The old shop has been revamped many times in the last 75 years. In fact, every four or five years, the family makes a considerable investment in the business with a view to creating a SuperValu unlike any other. By continually enlarging and improving the different departments in the supermarket – which has grown to become a massive 20,000 sq ft superstore –  Field’s has kept pace with developments in the industry, but still managed to retain its unique appeal. Having a modern shop is important, but so too is the need to retain the traditional values on which  the business was built.

Great Food - Passionate Staff

At Fields we aim to deliver great food and superb customer service. Our passion for good fresh food is matched by the expertise of our staff, who offer an unrivalled service, giving hints and inspiration to help customers get the best of what they buy from us. This is borne out by the fact that more than 39% of our business is in fresh food, one of the highest figures for any Supervalu in Ireland. Our staff also have a close working relationship with all our local suppliers, ensuring we have high-quality fresh produce available to our customers seven days a week.

Awards and accolades

  • Checkout Magazine 'Best in Fresh' 2012 Award given in recognition of Ireland's best Fresh Food Supermarket
  • Over the years we have been awarded as ‘Ireland’s best food shop’ by Food and Wine magazine.
  • Writing in The Irish Times, Lloyd referred to Field’s as his favourite food shop – “The Harrods Food Hall of West Cork”.
  • Darina Allen has chosen us to be the sole supplier of shellfish to her Ballymaloe Cookery School.
  • RTE’s Naionwide programme has featured our store on numerous occasions in relation to our support for West Cork producers.
  • We are the only supermarket in Ireland to have appeared in each edition of the Bridgestone Guide since 1989.
  • John McKenna, co-author of the Bridgestone Guides, has said: “When I first walked into the store twenty one years ago, I went ‘Wow’. Twenty one years later and every visit to Field’s remains a ‘Wow’ experience.”

 What some of our suppliers have to say:

  • Sally Barnes, Woodcock Smokery: “It has been my experience that people say the ‘Field’s’ reverentially because it is more than a shop: it is an institution, a testing-ground for new suppliers in this area.”
  • Willie Allshire, Caherbeg Free Range Pork: “Field’s know their local suppliers and their customers, and expect their staff to be equally passionate about the products sold. Quite simply, this is a store that works with its suppliers to present the best to their customers.”
  • Helena Hickey, Skeaghmore Duck: “Field’s has been a great ambassador for food producers, not just us, but a huge assortment of producers throughout West Cork and beyond. By supporting small local food producers over the years they have not only helped these businesses throve and develop, they have helped to create sustainable local jobs and boosted the local economy.”
  • Giana Ferguson, Gubbeen Cheese: “They supported us right from the off. John knew that with time and careful introduction to his customers our cheese would soon be known by and bought by locals and tourists on a regular basis . . . Field’s were like our partners.”

Pure West Cork

“Pure West Cork” is what we would say – meaning that Field’s is one of those places that couldn’t exist anywhere other than in the quizzical, poetical mystery that is West Cork. Relationships in West Cork work differently than in the rest of Ireland, and John Field personifies this with his support for local producers, his championing of their work, his knowledge that they give his shop a uniqueness that matches the area. - John McKenna


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